sma-ke صاف مادگی

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sma-ke صاف مادگی

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sma-ke صاف مادگی

Product main parameters:
Product Name: SMA-KE is foot - outside screw bore (half tooth type)
Frequency range :0-6G
Gain: For antenna
Impedance: 50
Maximum power: 50
Interface Type: SMA male screw bore
Main Description: This is used to connect the antenna SMA, soldering circuit boards, antenna socket
Note: This block has SMA outer spiral bore, outside screw inner needle of the points - to decide according to your antenna
Also: SMA male thread pattern length requirement can contact notes, SMA tooth pattern number is 5-7 for the commonly used semi-tooth type. Tooth pattern number 12-13 of 11mm teeth; tooth pattern number is 14-15 as SMA13mm teeth; tooth pattern number 16-17 of 15mm teeth; so that this section is a semi-tooth weapons commonly used type.
Many types generally SMA male screw bore, outside screw inside the needle in half tooth based.
With foot products: Elbow Foot size is generally only one, the other is made; straight feet and KE have a positive bias foot points. There are 1.0mm and 0.9mm thick legs are two straight OUR gradually unified whole foot 0.9mm thick


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