touch11.6inch تاچ مقاومتی 11.6 اینچ

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touch11.6inch تاچ مقاومتی 11.6 اینچ- کویرالکترونیک

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product manualproduct manual:
Four-wire resistance analog technology of two layers of transparent metal layer work each layer are increased by 5V constant voltage: a vertical direction, a horizontal direction. A total of four cables are required. Features: high resolution, high speed transmission response. Surface hardness treatment, reduce abrasions, scratches and anti-chemical treatment. With smooth and matte finish. A correction, high stability, never drift.    
Four-wire resistive touch screen, you can use the pen, fingers, gloved hands, credit cards and many other touch media, can resist the liquid, food and various impurities, a variety of pollution has a very strong adaptability, with good stability and Meanwhile reliability, a lightweight and low cost, ease of assembly, the mobile device is a portable, personal assistance using processing, industrial control, high-frequency medical equipment, the best user input means of the application of the clear  
Technical Parameters:
Screen structure: ITO Film and ITO Glass fit, the middle to DOT points for isolation
Even then control: pitch of 2.54mm socket, standard   AMP87499-9
touch media: finger, gloved hand, pen, credit card, etc.
Screen thickness : 1mm-5mm
Screen size: 2 inches -22 inch
Partial resolution of:   4096x4096
Response time: less than 8 msec (input finger)
Touch intensity : 15-40gr The use of hardness of 600 diameter of 16mm silicone grease
 Conversion speed : less than 20ms
Position accuracy: standard deviation less than 2 mm
M Touch density: touch resolution 4096x4096 touch point
Screen error : less than 1.5% of
the supply voltage: the DC + 5V
Screen Resistance: 200 [Omega]-50 [Omega ( BETWEEN the X1-an X2 ); 200 [Omega] ~ 500 [Omega ( BETWEEN Yl-Y2)
Insulation resistance: greater than 20MΩ in DC25V
electrostatic protection: can withstand distributed randomly on the screen 20 emissions from surface 15 kV ( per IEC 801-2; 150 pF and 150 Ω )
Through light rate: 75-85% (having a wavelength of 550 nano)  
Working temperature: -20 ℃ -70 ℃
Storage temperature: -25 ℃ -80 ℃
Anti-destructive: 3-12mm special process Fully finished optical glass for the substrate. Use 1 pound at 130cm height to make it free to fall to the center of the glass and the glass is not broken.
Sealing Features: Highly sealed material will filter device, frame and riot glass close close to prevent liquid leakage;
Operating temperature: -20 degrees to 70 degrees
Storage temperature:  -40 degrees to 85 degrees

Operating Humidity:  90% RH at 40 ° C (no condensation)
Storage humidity: 90% RH at 40 ° C (no condensation)
Tight seals : Complies with NEMA4 and IP65 standard  
High temperature storage: 80 ℃ test 240 hours
Low temperature storage: -25 ℃ test 240 hours
Durability: Mohs hardness 3H ( according to ATSM D3363 standard)
Life: single touch is greater than 5 million times


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