INSTRUSTAR ISDS2062B PC Based USB Oscilloscope 2CH 20MHz

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کارت اسیلوسکوپ 20 مگاهرتر دو کانال

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این اسیلوسکوپ دارای نرم افزار  بسیار قدرتمند بوده و به صورت USB به پی سی یا لپ تاپ متصل میگردد

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Digital oscilloscope:


   Impedance;1M ohm 25pF


   Vertical resolution:12Bit

   Gain range:-32V ~ 32V(probe X1),-320V ~ 320V(probe X10)

   Vertical accuracy:±3%

   Timebase range:10ns/div-10s/div

   Input Protection:Diode,50Vpk

   Autoset:10Hz to 20MHz

   Trigger Mode:Auto,Normal and Signal

   Trigger Source:CH1, CH2

   Buffer Size:256kB/CH


   Max sample:608MS/s

   Vertical mode:CH1,CH2,ADD,SUB,MUL

   Display Mode:X-T and X-Y


   Wave save:Osc(Private),Excel and Bmp

 Spectrum analyzers:



   Algorithm:FFT(18 windows), correlation

   FFT points:8-1048576/CHN

   FFT measure:Harmonic(1-7),SNR,SINAD,ENOB,THD,SFDR

   Filter processing:FIR filter supports arbitrary range of frequency sampling method , and Rectangle,bartlett, triangular, cosine, hanning, bartlett_hanning, hamming, blackman, blackman_Harris,tukey, Nuttall, FlatTop, Bohman, Parzen, Lanczos, kaiser, gaussand dolph_chebyshev,window method design.IIR filter support "Butterworth", "Chebyshev I", "Chebyshev II", "Elliptic" type of filter design

 oS support:

    Support the System: Xp, Win7 (32), Win7 (64-), Win8 (32), Win8 (64-), Win10 (32), Win10 (64-).

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